The new annual associate mcav membership section is now live.
Memberships are annual, and due 12 months from the date of payment

Please note that intially ALL members are required to register even if you are an existing member - this is the easiest way to get your details into the new online database.

Join the Mountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria

Support our cause, not only are you helping to preserve a vital part of Australia's heritage, but there are some great benefits to being a member. You can become an Associate member, joining as either a family or an individual.

The Mountain Cattlemen strive:

  1. To promote the proud history of the Mountain Cattlemen’s heritage and culture by sharing our knowledge with all.
  2. To continue to advocate for better public land management and advocate against more National Parks as a basic principle.
  3. To advocate for and support the return of Alpine grazing in National Parks.
  4. To protect, support and increase the number of state forest grazing licenses.
  5. To develop relationships with and support other public land user groups who have philosophies similar to the Mountain Cattlemen, concerning: sustainability, sound land management and to work with Indigenous groups associated with the High Country.

**Join us in our efforts to ensure our culture and traditions carry on into the future by becoming a member of the MCAV. **


$40 per year for individual membership or

$45 per year for a family membership

Membership benefits include:

  • Early Bird Discounts to events
  • Voice of the Mountains
  • Yarners Subscription
  • MCAV Stickers
  • Special Event Invites
  • Branch Meeting Invites