Voice of the Mountains

Since 1972, the Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria, produce a journal, “The Voice of the Mountains”. This journal commemorates the activities and history of the previous twelve months and bygone years of cattlemen and their families.

“The Voice of the Mountains” is entertaining and informative with stories and images, showcasing the ongoing legacy of the cattlemen and their fore fathers.

The journals form a part of Victoria’s history and we wish to make them available to all who wish to read them.

“The Association was officially launched in November 1967 with the objective to preserve and maintain good relations and understanding within the cattle industry and between that industry and all bodies and organisations with which the industry is associated in the spheres of Government, and land use and marketing." (Introduction of Volume 2).

If you are interested in purchasing this publication, or wish to discuss further, please send us an email - secretary@mcav.com.au