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Caring for the High Country since 1834


Welcome to the Mountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria.

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria (MCAV) represents a hardy group of people whose families and predecessors have grazed their cattle and maintained the Victorian High Country dating back to 1834.


Memberships are annual, and due 12 months from the date you first make payment

Please note that intially ALL members are required to register even if you are an existing member - this is the easiest way to get your details into the new online database.

Please sign on with the MCAV in 2020 - it has been a rough year for everyone, and we need the support more than ever.

MCAV President, Bruce McCormack

Our local CWA have whipped up some facemasks, meaning we have enough to give away with each new membership. #maskupVictoria

STAY CONNECTED: We know that in these times staying connected is important - that's why our MCAV family put together this little "Cheers chain" video. Watch for the junior cattleman hitting the dust! Click here to watch  

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Support our cause, not only are you helping to preserve a vital part of Australia's heritage, but there are some great benefits to being a member.
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MCAV in the media: Stock & Land

The MCAV is about more than just cattle - we want the Parks improved for all users, and that includes better deer management
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MCAV in the Media: The Land

The Land newspaper featured a story on the McCormack family, one of the few who still push their cattle on horseback into the High Country every summer.
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