Mountain Cattlemen

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The MCAV believe wild horses belong in the High Country, including the Alpine National Park. However, we recognise that their numbers must be reduced and maintained at sustainable levels.

What we agree with:

Brumbies should remain in genetically sustainable numbers in the Bogong and Eastern Alps.
Brumby numbers should be controlled using 3 methods: trapping, running or mustering
Mountain Cattlemen and other bushmen should be consulted on how to best control the brumby population

What we don't agree with:

Helicopter culling
Euthanizing horses that are suited to re-homing
The total eradication of the brumby population
Mindless shooting of brumbies without discretion for condition, age and sex.

Our submission to the Victorian Alps Wild Horse Management Plan, which details the MCAV's long history with maintaining the brumby population, is available under our 'News and Events' and then 'Education' tab on this website.

UPDATE: Our position on the brumby situation is clear, however we would like to re-iterate we, as always, only support respectful and peaceful protest.

Welcome to the Mountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria.

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria (MCAV) represents a hardy group of people whose families and predecessors have grazed their cattle and maintained the Victorian High Country dating back to 1834.


Memberships are annual, and due 12 months from the date you first make payment

Please note that intially ALL members are required to register even if you are an existing member - this is the easiest way to get your details into the new online database.

Please sign on with the MCAV in 2020 - it has been a rough year for everyone, and we need the support more than ever.

**A message from our president Bruce McCormack **
IT’S hard to believe the year that has so far been 2020.
First, we were all devastated by ongoing drought, which was only exasperated by the bushfires that tore through the country – and much of our beloved Victorian High Country – over the 19/20 summer.
As a result of the bushfires, we were forced to cancel our 2020 Get Together at Merrijig.
In other circumstances, I would be using the column to talk about the success of our annual event, which we were hoping was going to be the best yet. Of thousands gathering to celebrate the heritage and traditions that we all hold dear. Of horse races, kids’ games, dog high jumps and heritage parades.
Instead, just months after cancelling our G2G we are all facing another disaster.
I am currently writing this to you all from the confines of our family farm at Merrijig, like everyone else self-isolating to do my bit to stop the Covid 19 spread.
I am luckier than most – my self-isolation is enforced in the beautiful High Country, with mountains surrounding our little valley.
Although our trail rides have abruptly come to an end because of the pandemic, I am still privileged enough to have plenty of work happening at the farm. I know many of you are not so lucky.
I know it has been said before, but now is the ideal time to catch up on some jobs at home. It’s also a great opportunity to read our 2020 edition of the Voice of the Mountains – it is being sent out as we speak to all current members. Those of you not a member, shoot an email to to find out how to order one.
Stay safe out there MCAV family, and stay at home until this storm too has passed –
Bruce McCormack
MCAV President

STAY CONNECTED: We know that in these times staying connected is important - that's why our MCAV family put together this little "Cheers chain" video. Watch for the junior cattleman hitting the dust! Click here to watch  

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MCAV in the media: Stock & Land

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MCAV in the Media: The Land

The Land newspaper featured a story on the McCormack family, one of the few who still push their cattle on horseback into the High Country every summer.
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