President's Message

A message from our president Bruce McCormack

IT’S hard to believe the year that has so far been 2021.

You will hopefully have heard by now that the October Get Together has been cancelled. This was a really tough call for the MCAV Board to make, but one we know was right. Unless there is a sudden Covid turnaround, and that seems extremely unlikely, the event would not have been allowed to go ahead. This is exactly what we predicted would happen, and is why we made the call—we just wanted to make sure everyone had time to cancel plans made.

Anyway, at this stage the decision will come as no surprise. I don’t know of any events that are going to go ahead in October. We have already set a date for 2022—there is a story in the Yarner about this—so please continue to support us and keep the weekend free for next year.

Because of the cancellation we have also had to make a decision on what to do with the 1000 Voice of the Mountains (VOM) books we had printed for the event—quick thank you to Deb Squires for yet again doing a stellar job. VOM’s will be posted out as part of your membership renewals this year—I’m sure you are all looking forward to reading it. Please also support those who chose to support the VOM by advertising.

In other news, you have hopefully noticed the MCAV is really trying to hard to engage the next generation. We love all you long time supporters but the reality is it’s the next generation that will take up our cause.
We have tried to do this by increasing our social media presence, doing free Zoom information sessions with schools—I am getting pretty tech savvy on the computer the girls tell me! - and by creating the children’s book for primary school kids. We are doing more videos, online forums and trying to encourage ‘engagement’ with a younger audience.
In line with this we are also going to run a FREE kids horsemanship clinic. It will be held at McCormack Park in Merrijig (where the Get Together was meant to be) and will be a small way we can give back to the next generation. The clinic will be available for those who entered either the Poddies, Cattlekids and Juniors events at the Get Together. We will provide the venue and the food, all you need is to bring your horse.
The clinic will be run my MCAV supporter Matt Maliki, Open Challenge winner and respected dog trainer. The clinic will focus on the kinds of things riders would face in a challenge event—we will have obstacles, pack saddles and will endeavor to have some cattle for a quick cut out. We are unfortunately going to have to do it on a ballot system, as spaces will be limited and we expect the clinic to be popular.
The date of the clinic will be announced when we are clear to go ahead with Covid restrictions. All G2G entrants will be notified with plenty of time to let us know they are keen to be involved.
Thanks again for the support guys—we are only here because of it.

Stay safe out there MCAV family, and stay at home until this storm too has passed –
Bruce McCormack
MCAV President