BUSHFIRE: This book contains updates, new stories and overviews by ABC journalists who covered the 19/20 bushfires, as well as reflections on how such a catastrophe occurred and what we have learnt from it. It is both a record of the events and a tribute to those who endured, escaped, fought and in some cases paid the ultimate price.

BUSHFIRE: There have been fires before, but not like this. As the hot windhowls and the grass dries, all who live at Gibber's Creek know their land can burn. But when you love your land, you fight for it. Heartbreaking andpowerful, Facing the Flame celebrates the triumph of courage and community, and a love for the land so deep that not even bushfire can erode it.

FARM LIFE / SEASONS: Rick is coming to visit the farm again. But will he recognise the farm? Will he have as much fun as last time? Same friend. Same farm. Totally different landscape. A book about the great cycles of nature that rule our lives, from award-winning author John Heffernan. Note: features images of dead animals.