Children's Book Project

In 2020, the MCAV was lucky enough to receive a grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
This money will be used to create a children's story, with more than 1000 copies to be donated to primary schools and education centres across Victoria.
To celebrate this, and to encourage engagement with students, we are launching a competition to NAME OUR BOOK.
All you need to do is email your suggestion to You can also send us an email to make sure your school / early education centre receives a copy of the book.
Entries can be made on behalf of all students, a classroom or an entire school. There are no limits on how many times you can enter, and we encourage schools from across Australia to get involved.

We have done our best to make this an educational experience for students, and have created two complete lesson plans; one for early childhood - grade 2, and one for upper primary.
In the boxes below you will find direct links to each age group containing teachers notes - including references to the relevant Victorian Curriculum framework - craft activities, colouring pages, videos, historical information and more. You will also find information about our award winning illustrator, Tim Ide.
Please contact us at if you would like a physical pack posted to your school / early childhood centre. This is a free service.
We do understand that naming a book you haven't read may be a challenge, but please get involved regardless. We want students to feel a sense of 'ownership'over the project - that they can have an impact on the finished product. Some suggestions have been 'My Pa, the bush, the cows and me' and 'Bush on Fire'.
We have included some draft pages (including text) as a downloadable link. This wil help provide students with additional context.

The student/school that comes up with the winning entry will receive a copy of the book for each student in the winning class, a visit from MCAV president Bruce McCormack to read the story aloud, along with the oppurtunity to provide a story / spiel / photograph on how students feel about bushfire and its impact on families. This contribution will be included in the final pages of the published book.