Event Results

2019 Cattlemen's Cup Challenge Winners

Ladies - Hayley Hinton, Open - Daryl Baines and Junior - Katie Faithfull

Open Cattlemen's Cup Challenge Placings

  1. Daryl Baines
  2. Darren Williams
  3. Danny Phegan

Awards presented by MCAV Vice President Ben Treasure and Cr Harry Bussell, Rural City of Wangaratta

Ladies Cattlemen's Cup Challenge Placings

  1. Hayley Hinton
  2. Tuppy Forge
  3. Codie Sutton

Junior Cattlemen's Cup Challenge Placings

  1. Katie Faithfull
  2. Mikayla Semmens
  3. Summah Dryden

Connley Breakers Cattlekids Cup

  1. Billy Phegan
  2. Harry Semmens
  3. Sarah Marshall

Division Winners of the Cattlemen's Cup Challenge

Mounted Whip Crack
Open: Daryl Baines
Ladies: Lyric Anderson
Junior: Katie Faithfull

Open: Daryl Baines
Ladies: Kelsie Lupson
Junior: Jake Douglas

Cattle Cut Out
Open: Danny Phegan
Ladies: Tuppy Forge
Junior division cancelled due to heat

Cattlemen's Cup Bush Race
Open: Daryl Baines
Ladies: Hayley Hinton
Junior: Katie Faithfull

Rusty Connley Race
1st Erika McMillan

More results will be posted soon

Packhorse Results

Neville Wright Junior Pack Horse Race

  1. Melissa Higgins (Also won Neatest Pack)
  2. Catherine Forge
  3. Jake Douglas

MCAV Ladies Pack Horse Race

  1. Tuppy Forge (also won neatest pack)
  2. Janine Gillick
  3. Tamerine Tuesley

The Frank Ryan Open Pack Horse Race

  1. Tuppy Forge
  2. Graham Forge
  3. Sven Koljo (Also Neatest Pack)