MCAV 2018 G2G Event

Three days packed with adventure, entertainment and endurance, the Mountain Cattlemen's Association of  Victoria's annual event is one of the longest standing and most popular series for the horse and outdoor lover to enjoy. The fun starts on Friday with novice events through to the endurance events which must be booked in advance.If you've ever wanted to test your skills, enjoy the company of fellow country men, woman and children, then come to our event in January 2018

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Family Novelties

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No pre-registration required
Event Starts at: 3.30pm Friday
To kick things off for the kids on Friday we have some casual and fun family novelty events that will be run in the following age groups:

  • 8 yrs & under
  • 9 to 12 years
  • 13 to 15 years
  • Open.

Mums and Dads welcome to enter the open events!

Events include:

  • Sack Race
  • Three Legged Race
  • Egg and spoon Race
  • Piggy-Back Race
  • Relay Race (each relay team needs 8 people; 2 from each of the age groups above)
  • Kids Tug of War (teams will be organised into groups from the age groups above)
  • Cattlemen’s Gift Sprint Races.

To keep it fun and easy there is no need to enter beforehand, just step up when your age group is called.

Novelty ribbons will be awarded to winners and we will finish with a lolly scramble at the end.

Cattlemen’s Mounted Whipcrack

Cattlemen’s Mounted Whipcrack

Senior riders must attempt to crack whip targets at a canter,
Junior riders must attempt to crack targets at a trot.

Points based on accuracy, time, and horsemanship.

Shoeing Competition

Shoeing Competition

Register at the Event Secretary’s Tent by 2.00pm on Friday

Event starts at: 4.00pm

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Competitors are required to demonstrate their ability to prepare and apply a shoe to one front and one back hoof within 30 minutes (cold shoe).

Each competitor provides a horse with at least 4 weeks’ growth.

The participant is judged on their ability to prepare and fit the shoe but also their handling of the horse and overall quality of the job.

The Mountain Cattlemen's Cup Challenge

The Mountain Cattlemen's Cup Challenge

Pre-registration required before the Get Together Weekend

Event starts at: 8.00am Saturday

Mountain Cattlemen’s Cup Challenge sponosored by:

MCAV Ladies Challenge sponsored by: Sponsor this Event

Junior Cattlemen’s Cup Challenge sponsored by: Sponsor this Event

Encouragement award sponsored by: Sponsor this Event

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Cup is a challenge which tests both horse and rider and ultimately seeks to find the best combination. Horse and rider are put to the test when pitted against three individual events which they must complete to make the final;

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Bush Skills Race.

Points are awarded for the three preliminary events by independent judges who are renown for their knowledge and skills. The Top 10 Highest Scoring Open, Lady and Junior Riders are announced on Saturday night. Competitors carry their points forward into Sunday’s Final.

The rider with the highest overall points total for the 4 events is announced the winner of their category on Sunday afternoon after the conclusion of the Race.

Quick Shears Competition

Quick Shears Competition

Pre-registration required before the Get Together Weekend

Event starts at: 5.30pm Friday

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Come and see the action of the inaugural MCAV Quick Shears Comp on Friday night outside the Cattlemen’s Bar!

Watch as gun shearers whip the wool off cross-bread lambs in the quickest time and ensuring a nice clean cut.

Shearer’s focus on taking the wool off from around the legs, back and neck whilst trying not to leave second cuts behind.

Three lights make up the scoring system. Three green lights are a definite through to the finals, two green lights and quickest time makes it to the final and two red lights or more means elimination from the event.

Shearers compete in two different categories; Intermediate and Open. Intermediate shearers may shear sheep under a couple of minutes with Open shearers taking the wool off in under a minute.

Horse Novelties

Barrel Racing

Register at the Event Secretary’s Tent between 11.30am and 1.00pm on Friday

Event Starts at: 2.00pm Friday
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This year we have added some fun horse novelty events to our Friday program.

Events include:

  • Bending Race
  • Flag Race
  • Barrel Race
  • Tilting the Ring.

Our annual Get Together is jam packed with events for the whole family.  Whether you're there to watch others or participate, there is something for all.